Thursday, June 14, 2012

ME JOURNEY - I failed the T.V. Fast

For the month of June I vowed to give up t.v. during the week. I thought I’d tape my shows and watch on the weekend. I also thought since this is the summer only reruns would be on. I could handle no t.v. during the week.

I made it past the first week. The second week kicked my butt. Too many new shows came on and a few of my favorites started their new season. What was I thinking? I’m so addicted to the t.v.

I have two more books to read as an award judge, so I’m focusing on them and I am editing my YA book, SORMAG work never ends, which means I’m working on my summer goals. I refuse to not make them because I can’t leave the t.v. alone.

Drop Dead Diva, Jane by Design, Single Ladies, Master Chef, Tia and Tamera, and the new Dallas have me glued to the t.v. screen this summer.

What are you watching this summer?