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Trust In The Lord – LaShaunda C. Hoffman
Devora Haynes imagined her new married life with Brian, a Cardinal baseball player, filled with baseball games, salon clients, church events and lots of romance. Instead she’s juggling a ready made family, a growing business and a marriage that’s lacking romance and the promise of keeping God first. Just when she thinks all is under control, the past steps from the shadows threatening her future.

Wait On The Lord by LaShaunda C. Hoffman
Infertility has strained Rodrick and Chrysta Haynes seemingly perfect marriage. A car accident leaves Chrysta comatose. She awakens to a husband she does not remember and four months pregnant.

Historical Romance

Destiny – by LaShaunda C. Hoffman & Brenda Turner

Teaching the children of the Cherokee Nation, is a dream come true for Audrey Brown, only she didn’t expect to fall in love with Jewel, the Indian who asked her to teach his people. They are from different worlds, but feel that fate has brought them together. How they handle the mindset and actions of others who believe differently will be key to walking into their shared Destiny.

Each are completed and looking for a home.


Young Adult

Purple Kids