Tuesday, June 28, 2005


I’ve never been a shoe person. I didn’t get the fascination of shopping for shoes and having a million pair. A couple of years ago that attitude changed.
Yesterday a co-worker asked if I had sandals to match all my clothes. I hadn’t really thought about it. Today I realized I had turned into a shoe person. I love sandals. I guess you can say the reason I wasn’t a shoe person is because I like to take my shoes off. Any chance I get, those shoes are coming off.

With sandals I get a little of both worlds. You have to wear shoes in public, and my feet are out. I love it. I even paint my toes because they look so cute in sandals.

Do I have sandals to match all my clothes? I’m working on it. I bought a pair of sandals last night with a flower on top that changes into three colors. Three colors down, many more to go.

Are you a shoe person? What type do you like?

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Friday, June 24, 2005

I was interviewed in True Confession – July issue

I was interviewed in True Confession – July issue

I spoke about my military time.

For those who didn’t know. I joined the Navy right out of highschool. If I’d stayed in, I would be retiring this year. My good buddy Lenore Tyler stayed in and is retiring in September. I’m so proud of her.

I enjoyed my time in the Navy and highly recommend it, if you don’t have a clue what you want to do with your life. It helps you get on track.

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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Our Quotes Don’t Count

I watched the AFI Great movie quotes and was highly disappointed that not one African-American movie was quoted. I don’t count They Call Me Mr. Tibbs because we all know it wasn’t classified as being an African-American movie.

What’s up with that?

This is the letter I sent AFI them:

I’ve been a film buff all my life, so whenever AFI does a show, I’m right there. I enjoyed the tribute to George Lucus and I enjoyed the 100 Movie Quotes. However I was disappointed that there weren’t any African-American movie quotes. I can’t believe not one quote made the count down. For example, The Color Purple had a bunch a quotes. I know the AFI believes in preserving the movies and I think you do an outstanding job. However I do believe the movies made by or featuring minorities deserve to be preserved too. They too are a part of our film history.

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Showing Your Butt

Why is it that readers remember the negative instead of the positive? If you talk to any reader, you will find they have a horror story about a published authors. Its sad that we can only remember the bad instead of the good.

A few tips on not showing your butt.

Readers are who keep you in business. There’s no rule that says you have to kiss their butt, but you should be cordial to them.

For instance, you sitting at a table full of readers. Do you talk to the readers, or to the one published author you know sitting at the table?

Want to lose a reader – be rude to them. This gets them every time. Readers understand you’re an individual too. However if they stood in line for two hours for a autograph they don’t deserve, I’m tired I don’t feel like signing anymore.

Readers deserve your confidence. If a reader writes a letter or email to you, they expect only your eyes to see it. Don’t forward to your fan club or friends unless you have their permission.

You can have a successful career without having to show your butt. Readers love remembering the good times with their favorite authors and they love talking about it. However they also love talking about the bad times, which one do you think stays with them the longest? Which one pops in their mind, when they see your next book?

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Congratulations Sean D. Young

This past weekend I helped a friend celebrate her first book. It was a joyous occasion. She had a book release party that was in the theme of a wedding. She invited her mentors, Rochelle Alers and Jacquelin Thomas, family and friends. We all had a wonderful time congratulating Sean.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Are You Living Your Dream?

Yesterday I received a shocking email. Someone I’d admired was killed in a car accident. It blew me away because he was only 34. I didn’t know him personally. I’m knew of him through the internet. Corey Rudl has a marketing site and I subscribe to his newsletter.

I’ve learned a lot from this man about marketing your site. He believed you could make money with your site and he showed you how. I attended one of his teleconferences and it made me more inspired about keeping SORMAG online. He gave a bunch of suggestions and I’m working on putting them in place now.

This man was living his dream and encouraged others to live theirs.

Are you living your dream?

Corey Nicholas Rudl

1970 - 2005

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Camping 101

I went on my first camping trip this past weekend. It was an experience. As a family we decided we would make it an annual event.

We camped in Salem Missouri. I had never been to this part of Missouri. Its full of tree and lots of curves. It reminded me a lot of the drive to North Carolina.

We camped in a 10 man tent. Instead of sleeping bags we roughed it on a queen size blow up bed. It felt like a water bed.

Our first adventure began with a 13 mile canoe trip. When we signed up, we had no idea we were attending a 6 hour trip. Clyde (my husband) and I had never canoed, so we didn’t have a clue what we were doing. We spent most of the trip trying to keep the boat steady and not flip us and the kids into the water.

I know the Lord was with us, because we never flipped, and he kept Clyde and I from killing each other. Yes we had a lot of crashes, before we got a hang of the canoeing. We might have even enjoyed the trip if it wasn’t so long. My poor arms were exhausted by time we finished. We were so glad we finished the trip.

My husband and I agreed we can scratch off the canoeing off our to do list. We don’t need to experience that anymore. LOL!

My biggest worries about camping were the bugs and my sinus bothering me. To my amazement, the bugs were fine. I didn’t sneeze one time.

Yes we enjoyed camping and look forward to next year. Hopefully by then we’ll have our own tent.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Writing Scams

At the ripe old age of 22 I submitted my first novel to a literary agent. They suggested I pay 250.00 for a full critique. Not knowing the rules, I submitted my 250.00. Of course they didn’t want to represent the book.

I learned later this was one thing you never do as a writer. However I will admit they gave a thorough evaluation of the manuscript.

After that I started subscribing to Writers Digest and buying books about writing. They all said do not pay for evaluations/critiques.

Being a part of a writing organization or group helps you avoid these scams. You learn from each other.

Have you ever been a victim of a writing scam?

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

What Would You Do For 100,000?

Yesterday I visited Monica Jackson’s blog. She talked about someone getting a 100,000 to blog about the Dukes of Hazzards. As a fan of the Dukes, I responded why hadn’t I heard about that job. I could have many stories to tell.

On the drive home, (yes I get most of my writing ideas on the drive home) I thought about, what would I do for 100,000? That’s a lot of money and a lot of ideas flew through my head.

As a writer, we always say we write what’s in our heart. However sometimes we have to write to put food on the table.

There are many genre’s popping up in the market that are HOT right now. The publishers are asking for submissions, snatching up new writers.

I’ve asked myself do I want to write in these genre’s to get my name out and to make me some money?

When you’re not published you are so in a hurry to get published. All you want is a book with your name on it.

As an interviewer I’ve met many writers who regret the hurried decision. Finding your voice is hard and when you jump into a genre just to get your name out there, its hard to break away from it. If you’re not a romance reader but write romance because its HOT. Its not fair to your fans or to you because eventually you end of hating the genre. You want to write what’s in your heart, but the romance is paying the bills. You lose your fans because they can read you no longer want to write romance.

Was it worth it?

I’ve decided for now to continue writing what’s in my heart. I have a day job, so its not bothering me feeding my family. However when the time comes, I can be proud of what I wrote and not worry about trying to buy up all those wild books I wrote when I was trying to break into the publishing market.

So what would you do for 100,000?

P.S. Yes I watched TV last night. Hell’s Kitchen and Medium was on. Did I enjoy it. You bet!

Monday, June 06, 2005

I'm Addicted To TV

I said I was giving up TV. for the summer. I now know what it feels to be addicted to something. Ask me have I given up TV.? NOPE

I’m trying but it keeps having something on there I want to see. Like last night. The celebrities competing in ballroom dancing. I couldn’t resist. I’ve always been a sucker for dance shows. I too wanted to see Evander shake his booty. So I watched it. It was cute, some of the dances looked good. Evander cut a rug, but he needs to learn to loosen up. Will I watch again, yes I can’t help it.

Then I thought that’s it, I’m done for the night, I’m going to catch up on a little reading. My mother tells me my sister watched a show I mentioned to her, The 4400. I checked the listings it was on. Alright I’ll catch the 11 pm showing. One little show wouldn’t hurt.

I did get a some reading in, so it was OK.

The 4400 turned into a two hour event. It was good, but I thought I’d be turning the TV. off at 12 instead of one. I paid for the late night treat. I couldn’t get my butt out of the bed today.

OK I admit it. I’m addicted to TV. Its not going to be as easy as I thought. I’ll have to wean my self off slowly instead of going cold turkey like I thought I would. You see, I just found out my favorites are coming on this summer. Monk, Summerland, Nip and Tuck. Yeah I watch these shows, so what.

I’m hoping to go down to one show a day until I don’t have to turn on the TV. Yeah right who am I kidding. I have to have my TV. fix.


Welcome to my spot!

Yes I’ve jumped on the blog wagon. I couldn’t help it. It was either this or do a web site. Since SORMAG drives me mad, I decided this would be way more fun. I hope. :)

I plan on writing at least three times a week or more. Depends on what’s happening in my life.

Save this blog in your favorites and drop me a line when you can. Tell me about your blog so I can visit.