Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Author Intro: Deb Kinnard

Deb Kinnard: Deb Kinnard started writing at age ten, frustrated because there was no preteen girl with a horse on “Bonanza.” From there she progressed to short stories and really bad poetry.

In college, she gained two degrees in health care and spent time observing hippies, basketball stars, el-ed majors and other strange species.

While raising two active girls and cherishing a husband, she enjoyed a career that encompasses Spanish translation, volunteer work at a crisis line, years in assorted ERs that don’t resemble the one on TV, and a day job at a big Chicago teaching hospital.
She’s an active learner in her Romance Writers of America chapter, a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, and a loud singer at church. In 2002 and 2003, she sold her first and second novels, Powerline and Oakwood to Treble Heart Books.

When Deb’s not at the computer writing, she keeps busy with reading, playing the guitar, and skiing in the winter. With her husband, she enjoys the “Connections” outreach team at church, and turns up in the annual church musicals, trying to do something that resembles dancing. She loves to travel and meet new people, some of whom turn up later in her stories. So if you meet a short woman with a light in her eye…

Represented by agent Andrea Boeshaar of the Hartline Literary agency, she’s busy proposing sales for her fourteen unsold novels lurking in the bottom drawer.


Matt Greenlee mixes ministry with SF writing. When he gets a new editor, Matt scents disaster, for his new editor is female. He fears attraction, considering himself poor husband material. How can he risk his heart?

AJ Mercer’s hippie upbringing left her wary of Christianity and men, but she’s attracted to her client. The gloves are off—his biases versus her need for success.

When these two mix it up over a book, can they find happiness—love, or literary?


Deb said...

Yeeow! Thanks, LaShaunda, for the intro.

One note: my agent, Andrea Boeshaar, decided to take on some new & different challenges in her writing & other life, so I'm currently agent-challenged. Looking for representation, though.

I'm anticipating attending the American Christian Fiction Writers' conference in Dallas next month. It should be a hoot. I have dear friends near the Big D and have never been able to hang out with them. So, before the conference, that's my plan--a couple days of quality hang out time, Texas style!

Deb Kinnard

Camy Tang said...

Hi Deb! I'll be at ACFW in September, too! Nice to see you here on LaShaunda's blog!