Friday, May 18, 2007

In Memory Of Katherine D. Jones

I’m in total shock today. I was visiting Monica’s Blog and I read the sad news of Katherine's passing.

Katherine was a good writer, a friend and an encourager. We met at the Slam Jam in Florida and kept in touch. I was truly excited to introduce her to SORMAG’s readers when her book debuted. I’ve watched her career blossom and looked forward to our emails. She would always send me one to pick up my spirits.

Being a writer is always a lonely business, but its always nice when you make a few writer friends. Most of my friends in this writing business I met online or at conferences.
When I met Katherine we clicked and it was nice to share about the struggles of writing. Since she made the publishing jump, I could ask her questions about what to expect and she was willing to share her ups and downs.

Katherine had ventured into different genres and wasn’t afraid to try something new. I admired that about her. I could tell she enjoyed telling her stories.

Seeing her career take off inspired me to keep up the writing dream. I’m so happy she was able to see her name in print and that she leaves a legacy for others to know her and her writing.

I had the pleasure of meeting her husband and boys at the Dallas Slam Jam. I thought it was great that her family supported her and her career.

I will truly miss Katherine and our emails.

I and SORMAG's staff send our deepest sympathy to her family.

The romance world has lost one of the good ones.
Visit Katherine's site and learn more about this kindred spirit

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