Saturday, September 15, 2007

In Memory of Kelley Brown

Kelley Brown was my uncle the closest I got to a big brother. He was called home on September 7th after a couple of weeks of fighting.

He lived a hard life but he enjoyed it which is something he taught me. Kelley knew how to have fun and he loved to dance and thought he was a ladies man. When he married in 94 all us single cousins said there was hope for us if Kelley Brown got married.

I have a lot of great memories with Kelley and they will keep his memory alive in my heart. Yesterday we celebrated his life with family and friends. I know he would have loved it because there weren’t many tears, just laughter and fun.

I’m going to miss my uncle, until we meet again, I’ll make sure others know about him.


bettye griffin said...

Condolences on your loss, LaShaunda. I have a favorite uncle myself. He's 86, and I hope he lives to be 100!

Patricia W. said...

Many prayers for you and your family, LaShaunda. You have wonderful memories of your uncle. Cherish them.