Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Giftventure Blog Tour!

My family was asked to review a new product called the Giftventure. Its a fun way to send a gift to a child. It consist of three letters that send the child on an adventure. You provide the gift and hiding place for a gift your child will never forget.

The adventure began when I asked my daughter which adventure should we order. I had planned on it being a surprise, but when I clicked on the website, it caught her attention and of course you can’t get away from a nosy 10 year old. We decided on the Scrambler's Maze Giftventure.

She bugged me for two days wanting to know if it had arrived. I gave her the first envelope. It was a two page letter from a fairy. My daughter quickly read the letter to my seven year old and they tried to figure out the first code.

My daughter couldn’t wait for the next envelope. She bugged me the next day until I gave her the next one. It was a two page letter with another code.

The final letter included the scrambled message to find their prize. They had a hard time figuring out the message, I had to reread the letter and tell them their two codes helped them figure out the final message. Once they realized how to figure out the message, they went on the search for the prize. I put the prize in a hall closet, so I had to tell them which hall since we have two.

I think the adventure was a success because it had them engaged in figuring out the secret codes and it had them reading, which is something I encourage daily. I think the best part about this adventure for other kids will be receiving the letters in the mail. For some reason kids love getting mail.

Giftventure.com offers 10% off to readers who make a purchase during the month of March! Just provide them with the promo code: MOMCENTRAL. Please note, the Easter Giftventure has a deadline to sign up March 14 (necessary to arrive in time for March 23 Easter).for reduced shipping cost.

Remember, the gift used for Giftventures.com doesn't need to be a big ticket item.

Get some fun, simple ideas at http://www.giftventure.com/help#Common06

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