Thursday, July 31, 2008

REVIEW: Scrubbing Bubbles – Action Scrubber

We work hard so you don’t have too.

I’ve always loved this tag. Now ask me why I’ve never bought the product? I guess because of loyalty to another cleaner I won’t mention the name right now.

I finally had a chance to check out those scrubbing bubbles. I received a sample to try and will admit I like it. The hardest part of the product was opening the package. Once I got it open and hooked it up, I didn’t have anymore problems. I followed the directions and placed it under the water it began to foam immediately. I used it like I would use a sponge and cleaned out my bathtub.

It worked its magic as I cleaned the tub. I liked that I didn’t have to spray anything or have to add more product. It was enough to clean the whole tub and the bathroom sink.

Would I buy this product again? I think so. I think it would be good for my kids who I'm trying to teach to wash the tub when they get out. Instead of worrying about if they used too much cleanser, they can use this instead. They can wash the tub and throw away the pad.

Ok I will admit I was looking for those little bubble men. See how commercials will drive you.

Action Scrubber – Scrubbing Bubbles


- Powerful cleaning with less scrubbing
- Concentrated cleaners rip through soap scum and grime
- Easy-grip handle flexes for curves and contours
- No more spraying or messy sponge to store
- Cleans without gritty chemicals so it rinses away easily, leaving a brilliant shine


Tile, Tubs, Shower, Shower Curtains, Shower Doors.

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