Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

My weekend started off with a funeral, a home going for my grandmother, Lucille Frazier. It was a beautiful event with a lot of singing and praising the Lord. Those are the kind of funerals I like. It was like a trip down memory line.

Being at my grandmother’s home always were happy times. I can remember sitting on the porch eating watermelon and spitting seeds across the grass wondering who would spit the farthest, or waiting for Mr. Softy to come down the street so we could get one of those wonderful ice cream cones.

My grandmother was from Louisiana, so she spoiled us with her southern cooking. Gumbo filled with crab legs, red beans and rice and my favorite bacon with the rind.

As I’m typing this I wonder why food always comes up in good memories. I guess that’s how we keep the memory in our minds. A smell can trigger some fantastic memories.

Mother’s Day reminded me that our mothers and grandmothers are precious. I’m thankful for my time with my mother and my grandmothers and for all the wisdom they passed on.

One thing I’ll always remember about Mother, that’s what we called our grandmother. She always opened her home to others. She made you feel welcome even if she just met you.

See you in heaven Mother.

Send your mother some love today.

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