Monday, August 23, 2010

I Need A Hero

As a teenager I found my first hero in Bo Brady (Peter Reckel) from Days of Our Lives. Not only was he gorgeous with his hairy chest and full beard. He had a body to match. I loved that he was a bad boy with a little good in him. He would kick butt then kiss you senseless. He was romantic and believed in making a living. When he road his motorcycle you wanted to be behind him squeezing tight. For years I compared guys I dated to Bo. Most didn’t live up to this hero, but that was OK because I had hope that I would find my own hero.

As a writer I find myself picturing the heroes I create. Are they similar to Bo? Sometimes, but most times not. I think I’ve out grown Bo, but I still like his qualities in an hero.

What do you like in a hero?


Makasha Dorsey said...

Its funny you wrote about heroes today. I have a hero post listed as one of my upcoming blog posts.

The funny thing is I've always loved comic book characters. My mom will even tell you that I wanted to marry wolverine when I grew up. I am a Superman buff -- my husband would even say I am a Superman expert.

Sexiness and compassion are the qualities I look for in heroes. Being able to understand the human experience - the good, bad, and ugly-- is important.

Great post.

LaShaunda said...


Wolverine and Superman are my favorite comic book heros. Love the movie ones too.

I wanted to name my third child after Superman, but the hubby wouldn't have it.

Superman inspired my young adult book. I want to fly so my kids get to fly.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Great description! I like a wry sense of humor, and the vibe that he could get you out of trouble if the need arose.

LaShaunda said...

Thanks for stopping by Alyssa. I love that name, one of my character's name is Alyssa. Only she's in a historical, so I'll probably have to change.

My hero I married has a great sense of humor and he's stood up for me on more than one occasion. So it is nice to know he has your back.