Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Reading the Bible in 90 days

I signed up to read the Bible in 90 days. Yeah what was I thinking? lol

I honestly wanted to see if I could do it and I hoped it would help with me reading the Bible more, something I have on my goals for 2011.

I was placed in a group of seven with a mentor and we have to check in on Monday. I told them that I recommitted myself at church. The last five months I’ve been in sort of a funk and it’s been kind of hard getting out of it.

 I was talking about this with my co-worker and it hit me that I’d lost my purpose in church. I’d been the Children Church coordinator for 10 years, it was part of my life. When I gave it up a two years ago, it changed my life and not for the good. Without a commitment to the church, I found myself staying home more until I just stopped going.

I wasn’t fellowshipping at church, but I feel my relationship with God developed more. I talked to him daily, prayed constantly and read my Bible more. I got my word for Joel Osteen each Sunday.

I do believe you need to fellowship, so I returned to church. I also know that I’m not one to just warm the pews. I like being part of a ministry. I’m an usher and I want to find something else that gives me a purpose. I will be praying for God’s guidance and I ask for your prayers too.

Have you ever read the Bible in 90 days or in a year’s time?

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Amy@ MomsToolbox said...

I'm thrilled that you are reading the Bible in 90 Days with us!

Stick to it and it will definitely pull you out of that funk. :)