Thursday, February 03, 2011

Oprah and I have something in common

I finally had time to watch the Oprah met her sister show. I’d taped it, because I was curious to see how Oprah found out she had a younger sister.

You see I have a younger sister too, that I just became reacquainted with.

Oprah met her sister on Thanksgiving, so did I.

Listening to the show brought back so many sweet memories of my reunion with my sister. Seeing her beautiful face for the first time was worth the long wait.

Oprah sister knew she was given up as a baby. She didn’t know she had other siblings. My sister didn’t either. She has a brother and a sister but she didn’t know her father had more kids.

My sister’s mom died when she was young so she never got to know her or be able to ask her questions. She had never met my father. She’d gone through life thinking she had a deadbeat father. She never knew for years she had sisters who often thought about her and wondered where she was.

Being a researcher, I looked her up online and found her. When I first contacted her just like Oprah’s Mom she wasn’t ready. So I had to let a few years go past before I tried again. The next time I contacted her she said YES - I wrote about finding her.

If you’d ask me when I started this journey it would be similar to Oprah's, I probably wouldn't believe you.
Watching Oprah talk about her sister and talking about getting to know her.  I know exactly how she felt.
Yes Oprah and I have something in common. We met our long lost sisters.

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