Monday, November 07, 2005


As a writer we need encouragement too. I know I have those days, when I wonder what in the world am I doing.

Last night I received a call from a fellow writer whose books are about to hit the shelves in January. Yes you read right, books. She has two books coming out in January. Made of Honor and Pink.

Marylynn Griffith is about to make her next mark in the literary world. Many online readers know of her because her online newsletter Word Praize or they’re fans of her wonderful blog, Rhythm of Grace.

Mary as I call her probably doesn’t have a clue her call was very encouraging to me. You see, Mary understands how it feels to be where I am now. Wanting to be published and praying for the Lord to help me find the right publisher for my books.

She called for my advice on promotion and marketing, but her words lifted my spirit. They let me know not to give up on the dream because she is a living testimony that the Lord hears those I want to be published prayers.

I’m too excited about Mary’s book. They are the kind of books, I wish existed when I became a Christian. There’s nothing like looking for a book to encourage your spirit, and not being able to find them. Her books make you laugh, scream and praise the Lord. She calls them serious fun and they are.

I’m looking forward to promoting her book on SORMAG’s blog and introducing our readers to these wonderful books. I know they will be encouragement to other readers.

Thanks Mary for your encouragement.

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upwords said...

And thank you LaShaunda for YOUR encouragement. Never stop being the beautiful person that you are. :)