Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Dec 1 - The Bond - Karen Magill
Dec 5 - Bound By Destiny - Rayka Mennen
Dec 8 - Dancing with Temptation - Barbara Joe-Williams
Dec 12 – Catharsis - Minnie E Miller
Dec 15 – Different Flags - Eugenia Renskoff
Dec 19 - Night To Dawn issue 8 -Published by Barbara Custer
Dec 22 - Made of Honor - Marilynn Griffith
Dec 26 - A Woman Scorn'd - Dorothy Goins
Dec 29 - Counting Raindrops through a Stained Glass Window - Cherlyn Michaels

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

May you have a blessed and safe Thanksgiving.

Enjoy your family.

In Memory Of Tony C. Williams

Losing a friend is a hard thing to do. Even though we never met in face to face, I considered Tony a friend.

We sent emails to each other and we talked on the phone. He even called me one time when he was in the hospital. I was like man what are you doing on the phone, you need to be resting. As usual he laughed and said he stuff to tell me. That was what I liked about him. He didn’t let being in the hospital get him down. He was a true fighter. He said he had a lot to do and he’d sleep later.

I admired his spunky attitude and his willingness to share his wisdom. I learned a lot from him and I'm thankful the Lord sent him into my life when he did.

Tony you will be missed thanks for sharing your kindred spirit.



Village Baptist Church
100 S. Hilton Street
Baltimore, Maryland
Thursday, December 1, 20056pm – 8pm

“He lost the battle to illness, but he won a place into the hearts of many”

For more information:443-423-9232 – Renee Jones

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Prayer Request

My computer has died.

Yes I'm in mourning. This is the wrong time of year for a computer to die. My funds do not see a new one in the near future.

Which is why I'm asking for your prayers. I know the Lord will make a way.

As a writer we are lost without our computers.

I'm taking donations, love offerings even new computers. :)

Thanks for your prayers.

Friday, November 18, 2005

You're the one that I love

November 16, 1996 - LaShaunda & Clyde Forever

Nine years with my hero. Where did the time go?

I met my sweetie in high school. We didn’t date. If you ask him, he’ll tell you I was mean to him, but he liked me. I liked him as a friend, brother figure.

We graduated and didn’t see each other until our 10 year high school reunion. I tried to hook him up with my friend, but they could never get their time together right. Everyone thought we were dating, so we decided why not. To our surprise we fell in love.

Against my mother’s wishes, we moved in together. It was one of the best year of my life. My feeling for him grew and one day I popped the question. OK I didn’t drop to my knee and ask him to marry me. I told him November 16th and he said OK.

We didn’t want a wedding just a reception. However I wanted to walk down the aisle at my church. My step-father was suppose to escort me but he didn’t show so my father had the honor. My walking down the aisle turned into a beautiful wedding which I will forever cherish.

As with any couple we’ve had our ups and downs, but we always come out together. He has been my rock when I thought I was sinking. He has kept my writing dream alive by never letting me forget why I write. He’s the best father in the world. I wished my own father was more like him when I was younger.

I’m glad I asked my best friend to marry me. I would do it all over again, but this time I would drop to my knees.

Thank you Lord for blessing me with my friend, lover, father of my children and best of all my husband. May we be blessed with many more anniversaries.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Quote Of The Week

Chapters "The first chapter sells the book. The last chapter sells the next book." --Mickey Spillane

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Monday, November 07, 2005


As a writer we need encouragement too. I know I have those days, when I wonder what in the world am I doing.

Last night I received a call from a fellow writer whose books are about to hit the shelves in January. Yes you read right, books. She has two books coming out in January. Made of Honor and Pink.

Marylynn Griffith is about to make her next mark in the literary world. Many online readers know of her because her online newsletter Word Praize or they’re fans of her wonderful blog, Rhythm of Grace.

Mary as I call her probably doesn’t have a clue her call was very encouraging to me. You see, Mary understands how it feels to be where I am now. Wanting to be published and praying for the Lord to help me find the right publisher for my books.

She called for my advice on promotion and marketing, but her words lifted my spirit. They let me know not to give up on the dream because she is a living testimony that the Lord hears those I want to be published prayers.

I’m too excited about Mary’s book. They are the kind of books, I wish existed when I became a Christian. There’s nothing like looking for a book to encourage your spirit, and not being able to find them. Her books make you laugh, scream and praise the Lord. She calls them serious fun and they are.

I’m looking forward to promoting her book on SORMAG’s blog and introducing our readers to these wonderful books. I know they will be encouragement to other readers.

Thanks Mary for your encouragement.


One of my favorite bloggers – Brandilynn Collins is sponsoring a contest to win an Advance copy of her book.

I highly recommend signing up for the Sneak Pique newsletter if you a fan of Christian fiction. She has some excellent information in it. Also if you’re interested in writing suspense fiction, her blog is the place to be. Start from the beginning and read how she got published. Its very helpful for the new writer.

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A wild week

We lost a great shero, Rosa Parks. Rosa decision to stay seated, change our world.

I survived the online conference. It was crazy. My computer decided to crash and there was no saving it. Thank God for my sister and mother having a computer. Just as I was back online, I was hit with a sinus infection. It tried to take me down, but the prayers went up and the Lord held on.

The conference was as my daughter says THE BOMB. We had some excellent panels, I felt like I was in the room with them. They shared their wisdom and I gained so much new knowledge about the crazy writing business.

No I haven’t given up on the dream. I do believe it will happen, in God’s time and not LaShaunda’s time.

The other day I was discussing this with my writing partner, my mother. I told her I’ve learned what patience is. With writing you have to learn patience. Just because you want to become published doesn’t mean it will happen. You have to wait and see. Its not easy, but its worth the wait.

I know there are a lot of you out there waiting too. STAND and know the Lord is on your side. When he makes a way it will happen.