Wednesday, February 15, 2006

African American History Month Contest

In honor of African American History Month, See Ya On The Net is hosting a contest.

Each Wednesday for the Month of February I will feature a contest.

The contest, Do You Know What These African American Writers Wrote?

Below are four pictures of African American writers. The first reader to leave in the comment section the correct titles of their works is the winner of one of the prizes donated by Warner books and Baker's Books. (one win per blog)

Want another chance at winning - Check out the contest at SORMAG

FEB 15th

FEB - 8

FEB - 1 - WINNER - Kim W

Gwendolyn Brooks -In the Mecca
Ann Clay - Waving From the Heart
Fredrick Douglas - My Bondage and My Freedom
Gwyneth Bolton - I'm Gonna Make You Love Me


Connie "zcque" said...

Top - Frederick Douglass
Jasqueline Thomas
Gwendowlyn Brooks
Angela Benson

LaShaunda said...


This contest, you have to name what they wrote.

KimW said...

Top to bottom:

My Bondage and My Freedom
Waving From the Heart
In the Mecca
I'm Gonna Make You Love Me

Connie "zcque" said...

I'm sorry. Reading the directions would help uhn.

Michelle said...

I'm too late. Wahh! Oh well. I did recognize two faces. Back in 1983 I took a black history class in High School and was the only caucasian person in the class. Hehehe. Oh, and there was my Vietnamese friend. But she spoke very little English. I learned a lot and think it should be mandatory for all high school students. :)