Monday, February 27, 2006

My First Speech

This weekend, Ann Clay, a published author invited me to speak in front of an English Lit class at a local college. It was my first time speaking about my experiences as a writer and publisher of an online magazine. I think it went well. The students asked a few questions. I think they wanted to ask more but were shy as we writers can be sometimes.

At this college was a fellow MORWA member, Pricilla. We talked about writing and she shared her experiences with submitting. We both felt as if we had attended a MORWA meeting.

I also met Rose Beavers who is a writer and book publisher. I enjoyed talking with her and Ann about the book publishing business. They have definitely piqued my interest in self publishing.

I shared with a church member that I write. He was surprised, but very encouraging. His words inspired me to continue down the path and to continue letting God.

I’m in the process of getting my book ready for submission. I realized after converting it to Times New Roman that this lowers the page count and if I use the Word word count, my word count is lower. Instead of being frustrated, I’ve decided to give the book one last look over and see if there is something I can do to bump up the word count. Say a prayer for me, because I need some more words.

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