Friday, July 21, 2006

Let There Be Light

St. Louis was hit by a severe thunderstorm Wednesday night. It knocked out the power to many homes. Our home was one of the blessed ones. We had broken branches all over our yard, but we had electricity.

Electricity is one of those bills you pay and expect to be on no matter what. You take it for granted that when you flip a switch the light will come on.

This past week has shown me how much we take for granted.

The heat has been a major issue with the power outage. There are many seniors living at home or in nursing homes who don’t want to leave their homes. It’s too hot for them to stay in. I’m having flashbacks of Hurricane Katrina. Those people didn’t want to leave either.

I feel so helpless because there’s nothing you can do but WAIT.

We opened our home to one of my brother-in-laws, his girlfriend and her daughter. I know before this is over, we might have a few more relatives to shelter.

I’m thankful the Lord spared our home because we have a safe haven for them to come to.

Please pray for St. Louis and the electricians trying to give us light.

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Cindy Appel said...

Yeah for those hardworking electric workers! We were out twice, for about six hours each time. Amazing how much we depend on electricity... I couldn't work on anything that didn't need to be plugged in!

Our ancestors certainly were more gifted in knowing how to feed, clothe and entertain themselves without electricity! :)