Monday, April 23, 2007

AUTHOR INTRO: Keri Wyatt Kent

Keri Wyatt Kent is the author of five books and a co-author or contributor to several others, and is currently working on two other books. When she’s not busy traveling around the country to speak and lead retreats, she’s writing. She’s a regular contributor several magazines, including Today’s Christian Woman, MomSense and Outreach magazine, as well as the several websites and blogs. She’s a member of Willow Creek Community Church, where she teaches in women’s ministries and also volunteers in children’s ministry.

She and her husband Scot have been married for 16 years and live with their son and daughter in Hoffman Estates.

Oxygen: Deep Breathing for the Soul

Keri’s latest book, Oxygen: Deep Breathing for the Soul, will breathe new life into your relationship with God. A devotional unlike any other, this unique tool guides the reader through meditating and reflecting on Scripture using six different spiritual practices. Rather than daily readings, Oxygen offers a chance to reflect deeply on one gospel passage each week. Go deeper into Scripture while learning spiritual practices such as prayer, meditative reading, journaling and solitude. Oxygen is a tool that will help you deepen your understanding of Scripture and help you connect with Jesus in a meaningful way.

What activity do you like to do in the spring?

Gardening. I love to see life reborn in the garden, to clear away the dead leaves and trash to find things springing up again. It’s a picture of hope.

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LaShaunda said...


Thanks for the intro. I love the cover. I definitely need to read this book.

Many blessings to you.

Janey DeMeo said...

Hi LaShaunda,

Great blog. I appreciate your comments on TWV also. And now I see your beautiful face.

Keri was my ride to the airport at WTP last year and I greatly appreciated getting to know her. (Hope she goes this year). Keep up the good work.