Thursday, June 21, 2007

Write What You Know

I’ve been thinking a lot about my military career. Many ask me why I don’t write stories about the military. The old Shaun could write some dirt based on my career in the Navy. But the Christian Shaun hasn’t been able to come up with a story, seen from those same eyes.

I wasn’t a Christian in the Navy and some of the stuff I did, I’m glad only the Lord knows about them LOL.

So I’ve been wondering could I write stories with a Christian viewpoint about the military.

A few stories are circling in my head right now, its just a matter of time before I pick up the pen.

They say write what you know, maybe its about time I do.


Patricia W. said...

How's your current wip going?

You could certainly write stories that include a conversion subplot. You could also write stories imagining how your military life might have been different had you been a Christian then.

Were any of your colleagues Christians? Don't forget that although we have women in the military, they're still the minority, which must make for some interesting situations.

I'm betting there's a whole series inside you based on your experiences.

upwords said...

Hey sis. Sounds like a plan to me. Patricia made a lot of good suggestions. Keep us posted. :)