Saturday, December 29, 2007


Today I realized I didn’t write down goals for 2007. How did that happen. Oh yeah I was nice and pregnant when 2007 rolled in, then I had the baby on the 17th and my life has not been my own since. Shoot my life hasn’t been mine since I had the first baby 10 years ago. I remember once someone telling me my reading would cut down when I had kids. I couldn’t believe that, but it did a lot. I still read just not as much as I did when I was single. This year I found myself sneaking to the bath room to read and for a little peace. Mr. Sean likes all the attention, just like a baby.

This year I didn’t do much writing. If you count thinking about writing, I did some serious writing in my head. I just didn’t have the energy. Everyone says that’s OK because you just had a baby, but at this rate it will be another ten years.

I felt bad about writing then a friend basically said to enjoy my freedom to write when I want and how long I want. Because when you’re under contract, there are no excuses. WOW!

I’m grateful for the freedom to write especially at my baby making time. What if I was under contract now, I’d be a crazy woman. I’d probably be divorced because the husband couldn’t stand me. So thank you Jesus for the freedom to write. I didn’t realize how blessed I am. No I don’t have a contract. No I don’t have a book competed. No I haven’t written about a character in two months. That’s OK because there’s next year.

So if you didn’t reach your goals this year, don’t beat yourself up, like I was trying to do. Praise yourself for the goals you met. Look over the goals, are they something you want to reach? Write those down for 2008 and a few to move you to your next level.

My next level is more energy and finding the right time to write. God has brought me this far, so I’ll continue to lean on him, you do the same. He can hold us all.

This year I will be posting my 2008 goals. Check back in January, I have the whole weekend to think about them.


Patricia W. said...

I'm betting you're looking back on 2007 with a smile. There's the baby, of course. Then you pulled off another tremendous online conference all by your lonesome! And you started the SORMAG monthly and HOT Picks newsletters. Not to mention keeping up with your blogs, including your birthday party and the year-end cookie swap.

Give yourself a BIG pat on the back!

Best wishes for you and your writing in 2008.

LaShaunda said...


Thanks for showing me my 2007 wasn't a bust after all. Girl I do so much stuff its hard to keep up.

That conference is enough for the whole year.

The newsletters have been fun too. So now I'm feeling good about 2007. Thanks!