Wednesday, January 02, 2008

My Words for 2008

My friend Mary always comes up with a word for each year. I always say I’m going to find a word, but I never do. This year I chose two words, one for my spiritual being and one for my mental being.

TRUST – I say I believe in the Lord, but do I trust him? I wrote my impossible letter yesterday another suggestion from my friend Mary. It was deep to write about what I believe God can do. I know he can do amazing things, I’ve seen him. However for little old LaShaunda its hard to trust that he can do amazing things for ME. So 2008 I’m going to believe and trust in the Lord and lean not to my own understandings.

PAMPER – a word that is in my vocabulary for everyone but myself. This year I will pamper me. That means taking time for me, reading a book because I want to. Getting my nails and hair done, and making sure its in the budget and not taking out because a bill needs to be paid. Pamper me needs to be in the budget. I found out last year I wasn’t pampering me. I wasn’t listening to me. I was into everything else but me. This year will be different. I will make time for ME.

What is your word for 2008?


Patricia W. said...

I love the idea of a word but I've never been that succinct.

My tagline for this year is "Stay focused. Work Hard. Believe."

M. C. Pearson said...

I finally got your blog up on the link list! Sorry it took so long. I've got you on the list for books, but Rebeca's book and Camy Tang's special March 15th post book lists were already sent to the authors. You will be getting the March 1st book though. I am sending that list out this week. :-D

Now, all you need do is get the FIRST button up. ;-)