Tuesday, January 29, 2008

FEAR The Four Letter Word

Sunday our pastor asked us to find prayer partners and pray with them. I’ve never had a prayer partner before. I didn’t move when he first said get up and find someone. I held on to Sean who was asleep in my lap. The Spirit said, ask Angie. I glanced over at her and she hadn’t moved. Did she have a partner I wondered. The Spirit said ask Angie. This time I moved, with a sleeping baby in my arms. Angie was a good prayer maybe I could learn something from her. I asked her and she said, sure, she and I would be partners with another young lady. Veletta (I’m sure I’m spelling her name wrong). I tried not to panic, Veletta is an excellent prayer. Her prayers always send chills through me.

The four letter word showed up. What had I done? I’m not a public prayer. I can pray in my head and in my heart, but to pray with two other women. What would I say? Would they see I was a fraud? I teach children church and I can’t pray out loud.

They called me Sunday night, I wasn’t expecting it, but I stepped passed the fear and confessed I didn’t think I could pray and to my surprise they said they didn’t feel they were great prayers either. OK, I think I can do this.

Veletta prayed and she hit some points in my life, I wondered how did she know? Tears pricked me eyes and I was glad I had two prayer partners.

Monday I researched praying in public. Basically it said to get out of self and let God. I can do that. So when my partners called me last night, again I stepped around fear and prayed. I can’t even tell you what I said, but I know those words came from the Lord. I let go of self and let God. I prayed in public. I prayed for my partners and it felt wonderful.

I thought about FEAR and how it has controlled my writing. I was afraid to step around it and let God. Last night I learned a valuable lesson in life. I’m stepping around fear, get behind me. I’m letting go of LaShaunda and holding on to GOD. I know he has great plans for me and its time I stop letting FEAR get in the way of his plans.

Are you letting FEAR stop God plans for you?

Hold on to my hand and let’s step around fear into our blessings.


Pamela J said...

I think it is ASTOUNDING that God had you write about fear, or had me read it today... whichever is the correct statement. You said, "Are you letting FEAR stop God's plans for you?" We had a stranger visit our Worship this past Sunday. The Lord sent someone to us from AUSTRIA!! to tell us not to FEAR what God is trying to bless us with. He said God has the blessings ready for us, it is our fear that holds us back from being blessed by them. Thanks for your words.

LaShaunda said...

Thanks for stopping by Pam. I'm glad my post helped you. I know I've let fear hold me back for years. Let's get our blessings.

Patricia W. said...

LaShaunda, good for you! I fight fear everyday. Some days better than others, some days not so good.
We can work on this together.