Thursday, November 13, 2008

Going Gray

The first gray hair popped up and I wasn’t really fazed, then one morning I woke up with a patch. Where did that come from? My mother says my aunt had premature gray. In her twenties she was all gray.

I wasn’t read to accept it, so I had my stylist to give me a rinse. I love the shiny black hair, but my gray wasn’t having it. A week later it was peeking back at me.

Two weeks ago I took a major plunge and cut off all the perm ends of my hair and went natural. My sister cut it into a short afro. When I looked in the mirror my whole head was gray. What happen to the patch?

My mother says gray hair means wisdom. I know I still have a lot to learn, so I don’t see the wisdom lol. I see a little old lady who is can’t rinse her hair because the last time I rinsed it, it turned green.

Green or Gray that is the question.

For now I’m doing the gray, I’ve decided to love me for me and deal with what God is sending me. Maybe he sees something I don’t.

I love the natural hair. I haven’t had my hair since I was 14 when I went to the curl. I learn something new about my hair everyday.

Are you natural?

Please give me some tips on how you maintain your hair.

How do you deal with the gray?


l. l. hargrove said...

Hi, LaShaunda. Very good post.

I'm here with my happy-to-be-nappy-natural self and I started going gray back in the 90s.

I'm on the fence about whether I want to color my gray or not. I like the multi-tonal brown thing my hair does naturally. I get lotsa compliments on my hair. The gray does bug me sometimes.

When I talk to a stylist they all seem to use chemicals to color, which I don't want. Haven't had a perm since 1994. No chemicals, pleeez! Not even for color.

So in the meantime, I'll look like a mom who has three active boys (which I do, lol) and hope that one day I look like Toni Morrison ... all gray and sage-like.

LaShaunda said...

Thanks for the post Linda.

I love your locs, they are beautiful.

I wore twist for about two years and I thought I looked like a mop so I took them out and permed the hair.

This last baby destroyed my scalp so I couldn't do the perm anymore.

It was a hard decision, because I really like the way my hair looks permed.

However the afro is growing on me.