Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Grace Blast

Today I received a Grace Blast from Claudia Mair Burney, just a few words to lift my spirit. Sometimes we need a few words to help us along the way. - Thank you Claudia.

Today I want to talk about a few other Grace Blasts I’ve received this year.

Linda Beed – I’m going to call her my spiritual writing mentor. I’ve known her a few years online, but we finally met this year at Slam. She’s me when I grow up. LOL
I don’t think she knows how much her weekly phone calls meant to me this year. We shared ideas about writing and SORMAG. She kicked me off the fence a many of times. Her group held writing a contest and I was one of the winners. Talking about smiling for a week.

Marilynn Griffith – She has become one of my favorite authors. I know when I pick up one her books she’s going to inspire me and lift up my spirits. Her emails always come when I need them. She understands this writing journey because she’s been there and done that. I just want her to know that I appreciate her and her words of encouragement.

Patricia Woodside and Ty Moody – Two writers who are on this path with me. We hold each other up and we share our wealth of knowledge. You two have pushed me when I didn’t want to be pushed. Your posts on your blogs encourage me to keep on and I know one day I will be introducing the world to your books. I can’t wait.

Rhonda McKnight – I’m so excited to know your writing career is taking off. I look forward to reading your books. Thank you for your critiques, I so needed them, and this year they help me improve my manuscript. I look forward to introducing you to my SORMAG readers.

There are many more spirits who have blessed me this year, just wanted to send out a thank you to these wonderful people. I’m so thankful for having you in my life.

Thank you Linda, Marilynn, Patricia, Ty and Rhonda for being my friend.


upwords said...

Thank YOU, LaShaunda. You are such a blessing to so many people. We all love you much.

Rhonda McKnight said...


Honestly, you are a blessing to the writing community. I'm always here for you. I can't wait to see you achieve your dream. Thanks so much for thinking of me and gracing me with your words.