Thursday, January 08, 2009

Going Natural

I’ve never been a hair person. You know the type who spend hours in the salon every week to get their hair did. I went from press and curl to the the jeri curl. I loved the jeri curl. It was easy to maintain and I could wear different styles.

When I got out of the navy I decided to go wild and get a perm, which meant many hours at the salon, trying to keep a good looking hairstyle. Once I had kids my hair changed on me. After my second child the hair refused to hold a perm, and I decided to go natural and try out the twists. I wore this for about two years. It was hard to get use to because with twists you just go with the flow. Some days my hair would be sticking up in the air some days it would look OK. I felt like a mop and I didn’t feel cute. You know we women like to feel cute. I gave in and put another perm in my head. For the next few years I was enjoying my hair but my hair wasn’t enjoying the perm.

After the last baby, my head finally said enough is enough and I decide to not put another perm in it. It was hard looking raggedy by the head. I was on the fence about going natural but I knew I couldn’t go back to the perm. The turning point for me was at my sisters wedding. I had to buy a wig because the hair refused to look good. I loved the wig, but it was so hot I knew I wouldn’t be able to do that forever.

One Sunday over my sister’s, I told her, cut it off. She’s like are you sure? I’m like go for it. She cut all the perm off and shaped it into a short afro.

I talked about going gray, well the gray has seriously taking over and it’s been a wild ride. Some days I like it, some days I want to cry. Who is that woman in the mirror? When did she get so old?

A woman told me I looked regal and that I shouldn’t dye my hair. It made me feel good, but it’s still hard to accept the gray. I can’t even post a picture because I’m not ready.

I’ll be 42 in two months and I’ve accepted that I’m getting older. I like it, I just haven’t accepted the gray.

Will I ever accept it?

Stay tune for more on my journey to naturalhood.

What about you, what do you have a hard time accepting as you get older?

P.S. For those on this natural journey, share your experiences with me.


Duchessdon said...

My knees; Why are they making noises? I keep telling my mother I want her to take her knees back because the squeaky, rickety things couldn't possibly belong to me. Oh the agony. The Noise. LOL

Cheryl Lacey Donovan

LaShaunda said...


Thanks for stopping by. Girl let's not talk about the knees. I have a second floor and I have to take a little rest when I reach the top. I think I'm going to need a one story when I retire. The knees will not be able to do those steps forever.

'Cilla said...

Hey LaShaunda.. I am still learning this blogging world.. What scares me about getting old... Two months ago, someone asked me if I was Man-child's grandmother.. Can't get any worst than that.

Great blog...:-)

Angie F. said...

Love it! I'm a few years younger than you (38) and seriously gray. Seriously. Only you would never know b/c I cannot go natural. So you are ahead of me.

(Looking forward to meeting you on the 31st.)