Monday, January 05, 2009

Have Tea With Me

To start the New Year off, I invite you to have a cup a tea with me. Pick out your favorite tea or if you hate tea, like my sister told me, have a cup of your favorite beverage.

Take a moment to think about 2008 - the good times and the bad times. I believe the bad times have lessons in them just as the good times.

What lesson did you learn from the bad times?

Losing my aunt, I learned that God is in control and he will bring you through. On those days I really miss her, I just reached for his hand and he would always be there to squeeze mine.

Have you set your goals for 2009? One of my favorite writers, Marilynn Griffith ask her readers to pick a word. My word for this year is commitment.

Do you have a word?

I'm home today with a cold. I started the new year taking it easy. Something I normally don't do. In choosing my word commitment, I made sure to make a commitment to myself. Take time for LaShaunda. Sometimes that means taking it easy.

I look forward to 2009 with my writing. I have three ideas I want to work on and I plan on finishing up on the manuscript I worked on in 2008. I have the online conference this year and the Bring the conference to you tele seminars, so my plate is full.

So tell me what do you have plan for 2009?

My toast to you for 2009, good health, happiness and a peace of mind because I know with all three you can complete all your dreams.


upwords said...

My toast to you, sis! I have my teabag and I'll be pondering your word as I sip...

much love,

LaShaunda said...

How are you my sis? I'm enjoying my lemon zinger and watching LOST online. Its quiet in my house for a change. The kids are in their room. I'm loving my alone time.

Hope the kids aren't driving you too much.

The Creative Lady said...

Best wishes for your endeavors in 2009! I plan to take my Embroidered Satin Pillowcase business up a notch or 10!!!

Duchessdon said...

A toast to you as I sip on my Sleepy time tea. My word for this year is Favor. God bless