Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Body Clock

My two year old’s body clock is completely off. It has been since birth. Lately he doesn’t want to go to bed when we do. I usually turn on PBS kids and let him watch that until he falls asleep. The problem with that is I’m usually half asleep wondering when he is going to fall asleep.

Last night he decided he wanted to watch t.v. in his sister’s room, which was fine until he decides to get into her hair gel. This little guy knows when he’s wrong. He comes back into my room and wakes me up. He’s covered with brown gel. I want to beat him down. It’s three in the morning and he wants to play in gel. I take him into the bathroom and clean the gel off. It’s caked in his hair and all over his hands and arms. How can you be cute with gel all over you?

This morning as I’m driving I realized I missed my Kodak moment. I was too sleepy to realize, he will only be two once and hopefully this will be the last time he gets into hair gel.

What did you do when your kid stayed up and you wanted to sleep?


Rhonda McKnight said...

I have a 3 year old and we're in the same place. He's so different from my 17 yr old who went to bed everynight at 8 pm. Micah thinks he's 25 and he won't even take a nap at daycare. He just doesn't need as much sleep.

When he won't go to sleep I put him in my bed and let him watch t.v. Yes, you don't really fall asleep but I'm a late owl anyway, I'm up to at least 12 every night. I can out last him.

Rhonda McKnight said...

Oh dear, I so jinxed myself. I swear the very next night I was exhausted and this child didn't fall alseep until 1:30. It was horrible.