Tuesday, February 10, 2009

First Writing Of The Year

It’s February and I finally had time to sit down and write. I decided in January if its only 15 minutes a day I was going to make time to write, easy said than done. Each day, I made an excuse of why I didn’t have time. Then I made a deadline and I refuse to miss it. I’m having one of my chapters critiqued. My deadline is Feb 15th and I will make it.

Last night I was able to get through half the chapter, hopefully tonight I will finish it up. The revising part has always been the hardest for me because I never know when to stop. I think that’s the bad part about being not published. You never really have a deadline to meet, so you’re forever tweaking your manuscripts. I think the deadline wakes you up to the knowledge that you need to finish and move on to the next one.

After this chapter revision, I’m moving on to a new story. Something fresh and exciting and totally different from what I have ever written, a children’s story.

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