Thursday, March 12, 2009

Connecting with old friends

Sometimes I love the internet. In high school I had a best friend. I could talk to him about anything. We’ve lost touch over the years and I’ve always wondered how he and his family have been.

Everyone is always talking about how they’re connecting with high school friends, so I decided to look him up, but I never could find him. Last week I decided to try again. I found a person, but he didn’t have a picture. So I looked through his pictures hoping to see someone I recognized. I came across a picture of who I thought was his son. I clicked on the pictures and it was my friend as a teenager, only it was his son. So I sent him a request to be friends.

I didn’t hear back, so I figured ah man he doesn’t want to keep in touch.

Today I got a friendship request approved. Yeah!

I was able to check out his page with his pictures. He has a beautiful family. I sent him a message and hopefully will start our friendship up again.

Who have you reconnected with over the internet?


Jessica said...

How fun for you! :-)
I've connected with a whole bunch of people from high school and middle school. It's pretty cool.

LaShaunda said...

It was kind of neat finding an old friend. Most people I know are online friends.

Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

A few high school and college friends, and family I don't see that often. It's great to keep up with them and see their new photos on Facebook and other places. Congrats on finding him.

'Cilla said...

I have not been so lucky with connecting with friends from high school.. but I'll keep trying :-)
Glad yu have had success..