Thursday, August 13, 2009

He Has Your Back

Last night I was thinking about my time in bootcamp and how my bunk mate got in trouble and they moved us both to different spots. It was the first time I cried in bootcamp. I’d been trying to stay strong the whole time, but this move upset me because I’d made friends with the girl in the next bunk and she helped me get through the tough days. How was I going to make it for the last few weeks?

Back then I wasn’t saved, but I did believe in God and that night I prayed that I survived the next weeks and didn’t get set back.

As I lay in bed last night I realized God always had my back even when I didn’t know it. He moved me next to the woman who would become a lifetime friend. Lenore came in the Navy with her best friends, but the Navy changes you and she and her friends, didn’t hang out as much, so guess who she hung out with?

God knew we were going to be good friends. I can smile now because the person I was so upset about moving away from, I never heard from her again after bootcamp. However Lenore and I kept in touch. We wrote long letters and came to see each other over the years. I blogged about attending her retirement from the Navy.

My point to this blog, God has your back, even when you don’t even know he does.

Here I was upset about losing a friend and God already had a new one in the wings. I know now that he is the only one I can depend on. When I'm down, he listens. When I need a friend he's there and when something exciting happens, he's the first I tell.

Thanks God for having my back when I was scared 18 year old wondering why I’d joined the Navy and now at 42 wondering where my life is going.

Do you know that God has your back?

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PatriciaW said...

He surely does! Good word, LaShaunda.