Thursday, February 04, 2010

Accountability Partner

My friend Patricia has an accountability partner. I’ve been thinking about one but I don’t know if I’m ready for one since some days I can’t depend on me. LOL.

Writing is something I enjoy, when it becomes a chore I stop writing. I’m afraid if I get a partner it will feel like a chore instead of being something I enjoy.

I don’t have a partner but I do have a few writing buddies, who pop in on me when I need that push. Rhonda, Mary, Patricia, Ms. Linda waving at you. You don’t know it but your emails show up when I most need them. I know that’s God, stirring up the pot, saying, LaShaunda I got your back and so do your friends.

Thank you ladies for being my unofficial accountability partners and helping me stay positive on this journey.

I’m inspired to keep on this path because some day it does end up with your name on it. Marilyn, Linda and Rhonda are my living testimonies that it can happen.

Do you have a partner who pulls you through your writing?

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