Friday, February 26, 2010

1000 Gifts: For These, I'm Grateful

I was visiting a friend’s Dina Dyer's blog and she was blogging about this and I decided I wanted to join her in writing about my 1000 gifts. Some days we take things for granted, so I want to see if I can come up with 1000 gifts too.

Here's my first 25: 975 to go

1. A good husband
2. Healthy children
3. Home
4. Car
5. Job
6. Mother
7. Sisters
8. Brother-in-Laws
9. A new sister
10. Books
11. computers
12. t.v.
13. Authors
14. imagination
15. A three year old who makes me laugh
16. MCM – Mother’s Group
17. My church
18. My pastor
19. The ability to read
20. Libraries
21. Movies
22. Lazy days
23. Swings
24. Ice Cream
25. The Navy
26. Walks in the park
27. Conversations with my favorite authors
28. Writing Buddies – Ann, Patricia, Marilynn, Rhonda, Ms. Linda
30. Color of Love Hotties – Thanks for sharing my love of romance books
31. Children who enjoy reading
32. A Husband who enjoys being a father
33. A forgiving God
34. Carrying my children full term – The experience was priceless
35. Breastfeeding
36. Sisters who are my friends
37. A mother who is my friend
38. A job that I enjoy
39. Friends at work
40. A car that runs
41. Pizza so I don’t have to cook
42. A dishwasher so don’t have to wash dishes
43. Washing machine because you don’t appreciate it until its broke
44. Willie Mae Johnson – You taught me how to be a lady.
45. Kelly Brown – Your were more than an uncle, you were my big brother
46. Anthony Baisy – My navy buddy turned my best friend
47. Lucille Frazier – Thanks for being my grandmother
48. Writing - I so enjoy it
49. Mothers of the church who continue to teach me how to be a good mother
50. Librarians

I’ll be add more through out the year.

Do you have 1000 gifts your thankful for?

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