Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Can't Afford An Editor

I was on a forum I belong to an someone wrote a post about being broke and not being able to afford a editor. I decided to respond with a few suggestions, I hope would help. Here's what I suggested.

1. If you can’t afford an editor, find a good critique group. Let them critique your work until it’s perfect.

2. Sacrifice your favorite things that cost funds. Put this money aside until you can afford to pay for an editor.

3. Exchange your services for someone who does do editing. Maybe you know an editor and they need a talent you have. See if you can barter your services for free editing.

4. Get you some books on editing and learn what it takes to edit a book.

5. Do not skimp on this process of publishing a book. It is the most important part of publishing a book. If you have poor editing, it will make for poor sales and you really will be broke.

6. Hit up all your friends and family and even your church. See if they will sow a seed to help you publish your book.

7. Sell some of your things on ebay, you might make enough to pay for editing.

8. Maybe self publishing isn’t the way to go. Try the small presses sometimes they are looking for new authors

9. Try turning your book into an ebook, first. Sale enough copies so you can pay for a print version.

10. If this is what you really want to do you will find the funds to do it.

If you have any suggestions to add please share your ideas.

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