Friday, April 16, 2010

When your child turns into someone you don’t recognize.

Last week we took in my husband's nephew, girlfriend and 3yr old. Their apartment caught on fire and they are staying with us until its repaired.

I thought my 3yr old would be excited about having a playmate. NOT!

This sweet little person has turned into the That’s mine monster. He doesn’t want this little boy to touch his stuff or my other kids stuff.

He’s mean to the little boy and it hurts my heart to see him behave like this. I know this is probably a big change for him, because he’s use to being the king of the family.

I’ve talked with him and sometime discipline him for his actions, but he still is this little monster. I’m praying as the weeks go by, he’ll get better with his actions.

Has your kid ever turned into someone you don’t recognize?

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