Friday, April 15, 2011

Early Morning Writing

At four in the morning, the 4yr old decided to wake up and go to the bathroom and wanted me to go with him.  He fell back to sleep and I was wide awake.  I decided to get up and do a little SORMAG work and maybe get a little writing in.

I’m still working on the middle grade/young adult book.  I’m at the second draft stage right now.  I have about 150 pages so I need to expand a little more.  I’ve broken the book down into chapters and I’m re-reading and doing what I’m calling layering.  I have checklist of items I look for that I make sure is in each chapter to help it flow right.

Sometimes I like this process because I get more story ideas and sometimes I dread this part because I’ll read the chapter and be stuck because I don’t know what to add.  The checklist has helped on focusing on what I need to improve the chapters.

I was able to knock out six chapters before the kids woke up. I was surprised that once I was up, I could concentrate on my assignment.  It felt good because no one was there to interrupt me.

It would be so nice to do this every morning, but I can never get myself up to do it.  Next week I’m going to try to get up an hour earlier and see if I can finish this second draft, so I can type in the changes.  My hope is to start something new in May. I’m so ready to meet new characters.

What are your best times for writing?

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