Monday, May 16, 2011

Lessons Learned While doing the Bible in 90 Days

For some reason this post to didn't post, however I wanted to share my experiences with the Bible In 90 days.

It is finished - I completed my reading in 89 days.  I honestly did not think I would make it.  I was about a week behind, but I continued to read.  One night I read for six hours.  I learned that it takes a commitment to read the Bible.  You have to be serious about it and you have to schedule the time.  Pray before you read and read.

Here are few lessons I learned on the way.

  1.  Make time to read -  In order to stay on track for 90 days, you need to schedule time to read.  I decided to use my lunch break as my reading time, but I didn’t think about the weekends.  I thought I’d get up early and read, but it never happen.  Most times my weekend were so busy, I didn’t have time to read, which made me two days behind each week.

  1. Use your free time for catching up - You’ll be surprised where you can catch up on your reading.  Waiting in the doctor’s office, sometimes I’d get 15 minutes of waiting.  Waiting in the drive thru for lunch.  Sitting in the park while the kids swing.  If you need to catch up.  Use your free time to catch up so you won’t feel overwhelmed.

  1. Read Ahead – If you can, read few days ahead, this will help if you fall behind on your reading, you’ll still be on track and won’t have so much to read to catch up.

  1. Participate in the check-ins.  – I liked that they had a checks every week.  It made me more accountable and it was also encouraging to read others posts.  I could see those who were moving along and I could understand those who were having a few challenges. 

  1.  Participate in the chats – If you have the time participate in the weekly chats.  I was able to attend one chat and it was very encouraging.  It was nice to chat with others who were on fire for reading the Bible.

  1. Don’t get discouraged – Reading the Bible in 90 days seems like an easy task when you sign up, but if you fall behind, you will want to throw in the towel.  I encourage you to continue reading.  Read the posts for your check-ins.  Ask for prayers.  Say your own prayer.  Try to continue on.

  1. Mentors – I was blessed with a great Mentor, Christy.  She was very encouraging and she didn’t try to force you to read.  She sent her gentle reminders and she always had something positive to say to us all.  Thank you Christy for being a wonderful mentor.

  1. Mom’s Toolbox -   This is the place that I heard about the Bible in 90 days.  Amy posted information everyday for 90 days.  She was our biggest encourager and I learned a lot from her.  I will continue visiting her blog.

  1.  Retaining Information – I have always tried to read the Bible in a year, but I never past the half way mark.  I wondered about how much I retain from reading so fast this time.  Then I realized my goal was to read the Bible.  Studying the Bible comes next.  So don’t feel bad if there are a few books, you wonder what were you reading?  You have plenty of time later to reread them and get the knowledge you need from them.

  1. What if I don’t make the 90 days?  - The goal is to complete the Bible.  If you go over the days allotted, that’s OK because you read the Bible.

Now that I’ve read the Bible, I’m looking forward to going back to certain books and rereading.  That’s the good thing about the Bible; you learn something new every time you open it.

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KiDs Beach Club said...

Congratulations on completing reading the Bible in 90 days! I hope it brought you light and peace!