Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bed Sharing

I know the title made you think some things, but remember I’m a good Christian lady.  LOL

I honestly did not attend to share my bed with my children when I decided to have kids.  It sort of just happened.  I was nursing and it was a lot easier in the middle of the night to have the baby with me in bed than get my lazy butt up and get them out of their crib.

All three of my children have shared our bed.  For the most part it’s a wonderful way to bond with your children.  Who doesn’t like to snuggle with their babies?  However getting them out of your bed is the pain.

With the oldest, we painted her room blue, she was a Blue’s Clues kid and she and her brother loved the bunk beds.  They went nicely.  Every now and then, they’d creep back, but for the most part they stayed in their bed.

Now this final kid, he refuses to go and it driving me and the hubby mad.  He is a clinger which means he’s wrapped around you while he sleeps.  Did I mention that the parents aren’t sleeping because of this little one?

We tried to bribe him with his own room, with matching comforters. NOT

He even has his own t.v.  NOT

He's fallen asleep in his room and in the morning he's in our bed.

He won’t leave, claims the room is his room, we need to move.

Can I tell you I’m so tempted to take his room and turn it into mine?  Yes I would miss the hubby but he can come for visits.  J

How many out there share their beds with a little one?  Tell the truth.  I’m finding more and more families are, they just don’t want to admit it.

I will admit, I share my bed, do you?

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