Saturday, November 12, 2011

Natural Hair Journey - Straight Hair

I haven't talked about my hair journey lately, so I thought I'd catch you up on what's been going on.

The gray has been driving me crazy and I was coloring my hair too much, that I ended up damage it.  I decided to let my hair heal before I try the color again.

I went to my daughter's stylist to let her do the color instead of myself.  She put the color in and trimmed my ends which were in dire need.  She suggested I blow dry it out and let her trim the ends.  I wanted to see what my hair looked like straight, so I let her blow dry it and press it out.

I loved the look, reminded me of my perm days.  I didn't think about taking pictures or I would have some to share.  I know for next time.

I've decided that for the winter I would wear my hair straight for two weeks and curly for two weeks.

I found out that I've grown lazy when it comes to my hair.  When your hair is straight you have to curl it each morning.  I wasn't use to that type of work.  I loved how pretty it looked, but hated getting up early to do it.

This natural hair is a learning process. 

What have you tried new with your hair?

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