Friday, April 04, 2014

Are You Taking Care Of You?

The first time I realized I wasn’t taking care of me was in 2005. I was in a wedding gown store with my sister trying on bridesmaid gowns. I asked for a six and it fell off of me. My eyes filled with tears. When did I lose weight? The lady returned with a size 2 and it fit.

I looked at myself in the mirror and I didn’t like what I saw. I was too thin almost anorexic. I’d turned from the caregiver to needing care.

My mom had been ill and I’d been taking care of her, working a full time job, working on SORMAG, writing my books and being a mother and wife. I wasn’t superwoman and I couldn't continue pretending I was.

I wish I could admit that I immediately got better with taking care of me, but I had to have a few more wake up calls, before it hit me. There is only one LaShaunda. If you don’t take care of LaShaunda there will be no LaShaunda.

Last year I decided to eat a little better and to exercise more. I did a different challenge each month and that was my exercise.

This year I decided I wanted a little more, so this week I signed my family up for the local gym. My goal is to get us there at least twice a week.

Getting into an exercise routine can be hard, but you have to start somewhere. I never saw myself as a gym person, but I also never saw myself in a size 2 again, so things can change.

Before you say what's wrong with a size 2, that was in 2005 this is 2014. I'm a size 8 now. I like it and I want to maintain it.

I’m working toward a better me, a healthier me, because I have things to do and I plan on being here to enjoy them.

Are you taking care of YOU? What are you doing to stay healthy?

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