Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Help Me Choose My Book Title

I thought I was ready to move to the cover stage of this self publishing journey. Unfortunately I’m not. To create a cover you have to have a title. I’m still stuck on the title.

I had a title, but everyone said it was too much and so I researched titles and learned short is better. Now I can’t decide on what to use. I need some help. Will you tell me what works for you?

The book is about how to promote your book online.

1. See Ya On The Net – Reaching Readers Online

2. See Ya On The Net – Online Book Promotion

3. See Ya On The Net – How To Make Time For Online Book Promotion

4. See Ya On The Net – Building Your Online Brand

5. See Ya On The Net – Creating An Online Brand

6. See Ya On The Net – How To Promote Your Book Online

7. See Ya On The Net- Building An Online Brand

8. See Ya On The Net – Making Time For Promotion

9. See Ya On The Net – The Guide to Online Promotion

10. See Ya On The Net - The Guide To Creating An Online Promotion Plan

In the comments, choose the one you like.

None of these work for you. I'm game for suggestions.


Patricia W said...

Be explicit about what you're offering. That said, I'd go with #9 but insert "Book" in front of promotion (unless you're claiming and sharing expertise outside the publishing realm). "The Guide" makes it sound as if you are the definitive authority. You want that.

My other two choices would be #6 and #2 in that order.

LaShaunda said...

Thanks Patricia,

I like sharing expertise. That is my hope for the book, sharing my knowledge.

Shelia Goss said...

It was a hard choice. My choice is 4. See Ya On The Net – Building Your Online Brand

Rae Lori said...

It is a toughie since I personally like aspects of each, especially 1,4,7 & 9. Talking with other authors recently, we all wanted to know specifically how to reach our audience and not many book specifically say how to do so. So #1 definitely stands out in that aspect.

Maybe if you wanted to amplify that aspect you can say:

How to Reach Readers Online and Build Your Author Brand

That way you cover both promotion (without saying promotion specifically) and also author brand, both of which spell more of a longterm connection between the author and reader. I wouldn't worry too much about the title length. Many guides and non-fics have long titles and you can make it really snazzy on the cover so it isn't overkill.

Hope this helps! :-)

LaShaunda said...

Thank you Rae. I actually like your second line. How To Reach Readers Online and Build Your Author Brand.