Friday, May 02, 2014

Curly Sister - Khara Campbell

Tell us a little about you and when and why you decided to start wearing your hair naturally?

I was born and raised in Nassau, The Bahamas however I currently reside in Maryland with my husband and three children. I am the author of debut novel Not My Will which was released March 11th. Aside from being an author, my husband and I run a small business and I am also a bookkeeper and office manager for two other small local businesses. I started transitioning in 2000 because I was tired of the damage to my hair from getting perms, I also wanted to embrace my natural hair texture. I did my big chop in 2001 and haven't looked back since. I also had locs in my hair for about two years, I combed them out because I wanted to be more versatile with my natural hair.

What was your biggest hair obstacle to overcome?

I've been natural since 2001 so the biggest obstacle was doing my big chop. I wasn't sure if I would like my hair that short or if others would as well.

What are three products you can't live without for your hair?

1. Tea Tree Deep conditioner
2. Miss Jessie curly pudding
3. Hair and scalp oil.

What are your favorite styles to wear?

1. Braids
2. Afro Puff
3. Twists

What natural site/blogs so you follow?

To name a few:
Natural Hair Daily

Any advice for the newly natural sister?

Find yourself a hair stylist that REALLY caters to natural hair. Not every beautician knows how to care for your natural hair. Also learn what works for your hair, a product that may work for someone else may not work for your hair. I've had many trials and errors over the years. I've also had some beauticians damage my hair because they weren't used to styling natural hair.

Do you have a site/blog/facebook to follow?

 twitter: @KharaCampbell instagram: @KharaCampbell

Would you like to be my next Curly Sister? I have slots available for JUN/JUL/AUG. Send an email to

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