Thursday, May 22, 2014

Moving Forward - Editing

The next step with my book is sending it to an editor. I will be honest that step scared me to death. I took two extra weeks going over it again adding things and telling myself it’s not ready.

If you’re writing a book, please do not do this to your self. Set deadlines and send your book on.

For me not submitting my stories has been a big issue with me. I get scared and put them in the closet telling myself, they aren’t ready.

I have five books in the closet that I said aren’t ready. This year I decided I was taking them out of the closet and have one last look before I submit them to an editor.

They will never see another reader’s eyes if I don’t get them out of my closet.

Moving forward is my mantra this year and I will move forward even it means knocking my own self over the head to get past my fears.

Are you moving forward with your writing?

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