Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Bless Someone With A Book

Hello everyone,

I’ve been off line for a few days. I’ve prayed for a way that I can help the hurricane survivors. My church has adopted a shelter who will receive 2000 survivors this week. This weekend, we will be painting the rooms they will live in.

I also received a press release for a book drive. I can do this. I had planned on compiling a list of the books I have for the SORMAG community; however life has been crazy so I haven’t had a chance. I’m sure you won’t mind if I donate them instead. If one book can give someone a little comfort in these crazy times, then we’ve done something to help.

I hope you can share a few of your books for this cause. Think about how the books make you feel and you’ll want to share those feelings.

My prayers continue to go up for these survivors. Let’s bless someone with a book.


For Immediate Press Release: Amber Communications Group, Inc. (ACGI), sends condolences, prayers, warm wishes, hope for immediate disaster relief, and a safe recovery to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. In our efforts to help support the victims and families stationed at the Astrodome, relief centers and homes in Houston, Texas, Amber Communications Group, Inc.'s Publisher/CEO Tony Rose and Associate Publisher Yvonne Rose, along with Bill Cox, Publisher and Adrienne Ingrum, Associate Publisher, Black Issues Book Review; Heather Covington, CEO, Disilgold Worldwide Communications; Faye Childs, President, BlackBoard Bestsellers; Max Rodriguez, Publisher, Quarterly Black Review/Founder, Harlem Book Fair; Kassahun Checole, Publisher, Africa World Press, Inc.; Wade Hudson, President/CEO and Cheryl Hudson, Publisher, Just Us Books; Willie and Gwen Richardson, Co-Founders,; W. Paul Coates, Publisher, Black Classic Press, Jessica Care Moore;Moore Black Press, Mark Anthony, Publisher, Q-Boro Books; Nancey Flowers, Publisher, Flowers In Bloom Publishing; Azania Brown, Publisher, In Time Publishing; Tonya Evans-Wells, Publisher, FYOS Entertainment; Earl Cox, Publisher, Writers and Poets.Com; Gina Clark, Publisher, Alight! New York Grit Books; Willie and Gwen Richardson, Co- Founders,; and W. Paul Coates, Publisher, Black Classic Press (The Katrina Literary Collective) are spearheading a book fund drive.

As African-American Publishers, we recognize the importance of reading for education and enjoyment. In the case of the Katrina Hurricane victims of New Orleans, we recognize the importance of reading for mental and emotional stability. Reading can help pass the time, perhaps help victims take their minds off their trouble, offer some small pleasure, and provide an opportunity to gain knowledge on various topics that can help them gain a new foothold on their lives.We can collectively comfort their stay, promote love of Black literature, foster literacy among youth and let our people know the Black literary community at large supports them.

As Publisher and CEO of ACGI, we are urging all Independent African American publishers, book clubs, self published authors, literary services, libraries, authors, editors, and publishers at the major publishing houses, to join the donation drive to submit books to the Katrina Hurricane victims.

If you wish to participate by donating books, please email us at or Heather Covington at .

At this time our designated receivers and transporters are:

Gwen and Willie Richardson, Cush City.Com, 13559 Bammel North Houston Road, Houston, TX 77066,281-444-4265

Reshonda Tate Billingsley (Channel 26, Fox News Reporter),3714 Poplar Springs,Missouri City, TX 77459,281-799-7415

Tom Joyner, Relief Fund,P.O. Box 803209,Dallas, TX 75380-3209

Dorris Ellis, Publisher, The Houston Sun, 1520 Isabella St. ,Houston TX 77288, Tel: 713-443- 9774

Yolanda Bridges, Publisher;LOF Publishing, 7500 Bellerive Suite 412,Houston, TX 77036,713-899- 7904

Andrea Brown 14220 Park Row #122, Houston, TX 77084, 281-759-1470

We will update you as more designated receivers and transporters are involved.

If you live in Houston and would like to volunteer to receive books and transport them to the Astrodome, relief centers or homes where some victims are staying, please include with your email, your destination address and phone number.

Thank you for your support of the victims of Hurricane Katrina and taking a stand at large with the African American literary community.

Thank you and God bless. Best regards,Tony Rose, Publisher & CEO , Yvonne Rose, Associate Publisher , Amber Communications Group, Inc. , www.AMBERBOOKS.COM


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