Friday, September 16, 2005

Cutest Thing

Today as I was walking my baby boy to his class. One of his friends came down the hall towards us. He put out his hand and CJ gave him so dap. It tickled me because I’m thinking when did he learn how to give the man handshake.

I giggled because my baby boy isn’t a baby anymore. This kindergartner knows how to give dap.

I’m not ready :(


Anonymous said...

I understand completely. Mine says things like, "I'm angry with you. You hurt my feelings." Now what does a kindergartner know about truly having his feeling hurt. Or to tell me, "No, Mommy, that's wrong!"

When people say they grow up quickly, they're not joking. Now if mine could only get a job and earn some money.

I'm enjoying the experience, though.


upwords said...


Isn't it something? The dap and the man nod are programmed into the chromosomes... Scary and cute.

Mary G.