Thursday, December 29, 2005

Life Sound Track

I’m a music person. I’m probably one of those people who will have a soundtrack about my life. Music is a part of my life. A song can take me back in time. As a Christmas present to myself. I bought seven CDs.

The soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever – Yes I was Travolta fan and loved the music and the movie. This music took me back to the disco era. I so wanted to do disco, but unfortunately I was too young to go to any clubs. LOL

GUY – If you knew me in the Navy 1989, this group was my group. I Like was my theme song. I started my morning off playing this cassette. It was before CDs became popular. I played this cassette to death.

GUY along with New Edition and Backstreet are coming to St. Louis in January. Yes girlfriend has a ticket and yes I will be screaming my head off for Johnny Gill. I’m a huge JG fan.

KEM – This man is too smooth. I think I’m a new fan.

Marah Carey – Always a fan, I love the new CD, good dance music and slow stuff.

Mary Mary – You know I have to get my gospel music on. This is a good CD too.

Charlie Wilson – Yes I was a Gap Band fan, take me back to when I was 13 attended my second concert ever. My first was the Jackson 5. (What a way to start off concerts) I love Charlie’s voice. He even remade a Guy song.

TLC greatest Hits – These were my girls in the 90s. I got my party on to plenty of their music. I had too much fun in the 90s. This is a fun CD.

Yes I’m enjoying the music, wondering which new song will be added to my soundtrack.

Do you have a soundtrack?

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