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Author Intro: Kim M. Brewer

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Kim M. Brewer:
Kim M. Brewer, wife, mother, and missionary accepted the charge to work in the vineyard spreading the good news about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Since this time she has spoken and ministered in song at various churches in the Detroit area, as well as in the states of Philadelphia and Kentucky. She has a passion for the Fine Arts and has performed in the Stage Play, "A Mother's Love" and "A Child Shall Lead Them" each time being cast as a leading role.

She has ministered since the age of five. She is an active member of her church. She is a member of the ministry staff at St. John's Tabernacle New Pentecostal Church. She is a graduate of Mumford high School in Detroit, Michigan and attended Detroit College of Business in the Administrative Field. She has been employed in the field for the last 20 years making many contributions to the private business sector.

With a witty style and the ability to use humor as a buffer, she tells stories full of conflict that deal with the issues of everyday life as she integrates them with a twist making them educational, informative and enjoyable. She has been able to incorporate self-confrontation which allows her to look at the inner-self and share her experiences so that others faced with the same or similar adversities will have a road map to dodge the pitfalls or life.

Lessons she has learned over the years allow her to be flexible and open to new and exciting avenues. She has now embarked upon another avenue that God has sent her way in the literary field with her recently released Grief: The REAL Deal - A Realist's Perspective.

She has a zest for life and believes in living each day to the fullest. She is currently working on her second book entitled, Straight! No Chaser: Surviving Alcoholism Second Hand, where she talks about the trials and tribulations of alcoholism of our loved one's and how we cope. Mrs. Brewer resides in Detroit, MI with her Husband, Deacon Geoffrey Brewer Sr., and is the loving Mother of four children.

As person, I am a fun loving, energetic wife and mother of four children. As I was raised with a strong sense of family, it is very important to me that I instill the same. I am extremely active in my church and consider my faith in the Lord to be my driving and sustaining force. I am a realist, meaning that I see a situation and realize it for what it is worth and I begin to develop solutions that are effective for the situation at hand, instead of seeing the glass half full or half empty I am the person who will create ways to either fill it completely up again or just empty it out completely, and by some chance I have to deal with the halfway mark, I find the most realistic way of dealing with it as it relates to a circumstances that I may be dealing with. I enjoy life everyday that it is granted as I am not sure when or what day may be my last. I am a hands-on type of person who loves to be in the core of projects as I enjoy seeing them come into reality as oppose to a concept on paper or an idea in one’s head. I enjoy the Fine Arts and I have a love of music that ranges from Jazz to R & B, but my passion is Gospel as I enjoy singing very much, I enjoy nothing more than singing the praises of and to the Father who has equipped me with all of the talents that I have. I enjoy acting as it is a way of self-_expression. I enjoy nothing more than becoming a character other than myself and watching how the audience interacts or feeds off of the individual I am portraying. I enjoy feeding off of their emotions and energy and this helps to make my performance that much more believable. As a writer, I am one who enjoys a good story and seeing that my real life has been one story after another, I enjoy writing about real life, once again showing emphasis on being a realist, I like to write about things or conditions that will empower and enlighten people from all walks of life. I write about things that will not only stimulate one’s intellect, but encourage and humor as well. I write in a way that will allow people to laugh at their mistakes and mishaps while giving them constructive and creative ways to correct situations that they may be experiencing that they wish to enhance. Another side of my writing consists of Poetry, this allows me to create love, words of beauty and/or thought provoking ideas allowing me to show my flexibility in an arena filled with greatness that I am honored to now have a book to rest along side of. Writing to me, is freedom at it’s finest.

SYOTN: Tell us about your current book?

Grief is a journey through the ups and downs, twist, and turns that the death of a loved one takes you through. Kim Marshella Brewer shares her own grief and pain while at the same time she shares valuable information that will prepare us for the inevitable. Loaded with tears, laughter, and practical instructions when it comes to grief, this book is The Real Deal!

Often Psychologist and professionals will produce material that touches on the subject matter and will explain it for a professional's point of view. However, Kim M. Brewer conveys the message in laymen's terms with an in-your-face approach that have been need for so long. Through her very own experience, she will captivate you as no other has while dealing with such a heart wrenching topic.

Learn how to deal with the most communed asked or unasked questions such as:

The Plug: To pull or not to pull, who has the power
Family Car and Family Gathering Etiquette 101
Flesh and Blood vs. Adoptive Rights and Want-to-Be's
The rights of Parents, Spouses, Siblings, and Ex's
Property and Finance, who's in charge
How to prepare Living Wills and what are they good for
The Hierarchy of the Black Family Structure, who has rank and status
How do we handle children and grief
How to deal with death and dying head on
How to avoid family feuds and conflict
And much, much, more!

This book is sure to be an important source of self-help to anyone's collection!

Grief: The REAL Deal “A Realist Perspective” is a literary work that has recently been completed and published by PriorityOne Publications. This book describes in detail the plight of the loved ones who are facing adversities dealing with debilitating illnesses of family and friends that create situations where they are placed in a caregivers capacity, the handling of preparation to finalizing of arrangements for a deceased loved one when no prior preparation has been made, all the way to helping others realize the importance of planning and evaluation of ones finances and property, and how to properly provide for children who may be left to chance in the event of a parents passing unexpectedly. This book literally takes you through the real life journey and hardships of the author who has made it her mission to provide any reader with practical step by step information and tools that will without a doubt prepare one to face the uncertainty that death causes for us all. Though a topic most would rather not discuss, it is so important that we do as it is a certainty of life that will affect all at one point in time or another. It is the hope that people will received the REAL idea behind the project which is to learn to Respond Effectively After Loss!

My inspiration behind the writing of this work stemmed from the fact that I could no longer stand to see history repeat itself in a negative manner. After having so many of my loved one die from many different circumstance and watching what grief and the lack of preparation and cooperation was doing to my family and friends, I knew in my heart of hearts that I had to tell the story. I had to make people aware of the pit falls ahead and give them a detour from making mistakes that could be costly and most devastating. I was tired of my people being ill-informed and uninformed or courses of action that should be taken before the unthinkable becomes their reality. Years and years of torment and anguish over making repeated mistakes drove me to want to help even if it meant allowing my vulnerability to be displayed for all to see. Through must prayer and fasting, I received a Word from the Lord to go forth and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that He would be with me come what may. And though not, the most popular subject matter in the world, it has all been worth it whenever I am approached by someone who wants to know more, or perhaps someone who has read the book who states that they can identify with any situation within it, or that it has helped them or informed them of things they did not know. I can honestly say that neither my work, my tears, nor my pain has been in vain. Just knowing that fact the God can use me and my experiences to be my brother’s keeper was inspiration enough.

SYOTN: What aspect of God do you hope readers will take away from your book?

It is my prayer that they will see that God is a God that does everything decent and in order, when we are down to nothing, God is always up to something he always has a plan for us. This is a lesson that he has tried to instill in us forever. Planning and trusting God to carry you through the rough times ahead is a must. I would hope that people will understand that life happens to all and no matter how painful a situation may be; we must be about our business while we can. Last but not least, God desired a family the chief end of man was to be here to glorify God. He desired unity and love, we are a want of God not a need. He designed family to love one another the greatest love evident by him sending his only son down from heaven to die for us and save us from our sins. That same love that our brother in Christ extended to us we should show toward our family and realize that material things can't compare to what we should mean to one another. If you ask the question What would Jesus do, be prepared to do just that! Be about it, don't just talk about it!

SYOTN: Tell us about your publishing experience?

As it has been stated that I really did not have a goal to pursue writing, I really did not know what to expect. I have, however, witnessed others in action that actually set out to accomplish this goal and I have heard their comments and concerns so I had an idea that it would be exciting to say the least. I have such a feeling of accomplishment within that is pretty much indescribable. The idea of being referred to as an author is a bit sobering but to have an actual finished printed product that you developed is great. It is still in the early stages so I’m sure that once it becomes more and more apparent that there is a market and a customer base for the information that I have compiled, that I will be completely and truly beside myself with feelings of Joy. It has definitely been a lot of hard work which I truly expected. I have learned and obtained a wealth of knowledge, that will make it an easier process the second time around. As I had a Christian publisher who believed in my project, it made a lot of the ragged edges smooth, but the best part was knowing that they were supportive of my book before one was sold. However, to know that this is a work of truth, love, and even hardship that no one can take away from me makes me feel 10 feet tall and in life I’m only 5’3”!

SYOTN: Do you think an agent is necessary?

As I did not have representation, I am not fully qualified to answer this question; however I can only surmise that it would have been easier to have someone who know the ends and outs of shopping a deal to represent you and ask the really tough questions. Since funding was not available to secure such a person, I was forced to read and educate myself quickly regarding this aspect so that I was not completely in the dark. So, in a lot of ways not having an agent still worked to my advantage.

SYOTN: What would you like other non-writers to understand?

Please realize that this is an investment, one that can be very costly. Do not attempt to take short cuts in an attempt to save money at the risk of producing a product that could become a train wreck. Allow those you know who have been down the road prior to you to assist you with valuable information. Do not proceed with Desktop Publishing prior to professional edits be made to your manuscript, thinking that your edits are good enough. One reason being that Authors and Writers are two totally different things, an Author has an idea and can put a story line together out of sheer creation as to where a Writer knows all of the mechanics of writing and can pull your piece together to perfection. An Author will read the work the way it is meant to be read whether there are words missing or not because they know how it should read, i.e. The forest was in full bloom, the blossoms were everywhere that is how it should read, however typographical errors do occur without one knowing and that same sentence written by the Author and proof read by the Author can read as follows: The forest was in full, the blossoms were everywhere. The Author will sometimes read it as they know it should read. Do not be a hero cutting out the middleman to save you a buck or two. Take the necessary precautions to insure you have a work worth printing and better yet, worth reading.

SYOTN: Do you have any promotional tips for writers?

Have patience, Rome was not built overnight and there is a method to the madness you must take yourself serious as a writer if you hope to have others follow suit. Realize that everyone will not care for your style of writing or your story line. Be prepared to take criticism of the constructive nature as well as the types that will just be administered by negative people who do not wish to see you succeed and know the difference between the two. Build yourself a WEBSITE PAGE. Get your face and the title of your work out there by any means necessary, legally! Create flyers and brochures that you have accessible whenever needed. Carry your books with you where you are i.e. if eating lunch, place them on the table in plain view, you never know who may walk by with an interest in your product to purchase or extend and invitation for you to be a guest, speaker or vendor for their function. Whatever you do make sure your product and promotional items look good! Color is eye candy too many use it, it works. Contact a marketing person who specializes in promotion.

SYOTN: What is a favorite book from your childhood?

My Little Book of Prayers and Curious George

SYOTN: What was the last book to keep you up at night reading it?

Mine:) and Blessings by Sheneska Jackson

SYOTN: What resources do you use on the net?

My Website -


SYOTN: How can readers get in contact with you?


Email: or

Mail: Real Life Ministries

P.O. Box 35798

Detroit, Michigan 48235

Phone: 313-477-2529

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Anonymous said...

Someone stepped up to meet this topic head-on, it's about time!
Thanks Kim for your boldness and passion for this topic. I can tell you believe in your work and unfortunately you have lived each chapter. This should make for great reading. Keep up the good work and much success.

Pamela Hudson said...

Way to go Kim, I am so proud of you and how you reach deep in yourself and then shared your experience with others who needed you to be their voice.
You know I am in your corner always.