Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Christian Fantasy is one genre I haven’t had the pleasure to try. So when I heard about this blog tour, I thought it would be a nice way for me to learn about the genre and hopefully find a book that opens the door for me to start reading it.

I will admit there have been two books that have captured my attention.

Narnia – I do have a copy, just haven’t had a chance to read. I enjoyed the movie so much, I bought it.

Dragonspell by Donita K. Paul - I’ve always liked dragons and the chapter excerpt I read intrigued me.

So I guess I’m ready to start this new genre.

If you’ve never tried Christian fantasy or Science Fiction, I invite you stop by this site and check out what we’ve been missing.

Then stop by the other sites on the tour. Tell them I sent you.


Mirtika Schultz’s Mirathon blog
Insights from Beth Goddard
Jason Joyner’s Spoiled for the Ordinary
Marci’s Writer Lee blog
Sally Apokedak’s All About Children’s Books blog
Steve Trower’s Old Testament Space Opera blog
Cheryl Russell’s Unseen Worlds blog
Shannon McNear’s Shenandoah’s Eclectic Musings

If you’re fantasy/science fiction lover, tell me about the books you’ve read. I need a few to add to my BOOKS TO READ list.


Elliot said...

You're going to need a loooong list! :-)

Start with the Narnia books, definitely. The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings should be on there too.

If you enjoy those, there's plenty more out there. I've got a whole blog series on the topic, starting here: http://clawoftheconciliator.blogspot.com/2006/03/science-fiction-fantasy-and-faith-part.html

Becky said...

Great post, La Shaunda. I'm so excited you're planning on exploring fantasy. If you liked the Narnia movie, then I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy the books, too.

For me, most of the time I think books are better. They can do more. And I think this is no exception. Not that I didn't think the movie was well done. Just that the book made Aslan's relationship with the children more delightful and more terrifying. Wonderful, wonderful stuff.


Valerie Comer said...

If you still think you need another list at the end of this week, I'll be surprised! But ask again then...I'll post some on my blog that I've read in the next day or two.

LaShaunda said...

Elliot, Becky and Valerie,

Thank you so much for stopping by. I'm looking forward to this new genre. I've found a few on books on tape, so I sent in my order.