Thursday, May 11, 2006


Growing up, you could always find me without shoes. I loved going barefooted. People use to tell me your feet will be big as a house if you don’t put on any shoes. My feet are a size 7 they grew after I had my first child. I use to wear a six.

I never was a shoe person, I didn’t get the infactation with shoes. That is until I found out I own more sandels than any other type of shoes. Today I realized why, its as close to barefoot I can get in society.

I love when the weather turns warm, because I can put on my sandals and prance around and no one will tease me about my barefeet.

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Camy Tang said...

I love sandals, too! I think it's because I grew up in Hawaii and wore slippers year round (of course, I suffered for that in my adult years with plantar fasciitis).

This summer, I think I'm going to have a nice pedicure with all those cute flowers painted on my toes.