Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Baby Names

Don’t you just love coming up with your child’s name?

My husband and I had a great time coming up with our daughter’s name. I’d throw a name out and my hubby would veto it. I finally found a name I loved. Michaela, yes I was a Dr. Quinn fan. My husband thought I said Nichaela and fell in love with the name. I like unusual names, so I agreed on Nichaela. We haven’t met any Nichaela yet, so its hers for a while.

When it came to our son, I wanted to name him after his daddy. Clyde isn’t a name many people have so I thought it would be perfect. My hubby hated his name and vetoed it quickly. We went through a bunch of names until we agreed on Rahaman, which is my husband’s middle name. I even called the baby Rocky as he grew inside me.

The day he was born, my husband looked at him and said you can name him whatever you want. I smiled because the baby looked just like his daddy. I knew he could see he was a Clyde Jr too. We called him CJ until he started preschool last year. He politely informed us his name was Clyde not CJ.

Now we have to come up with a new name, so I’m asking for your help. My hubby is good at vetoing names, so if you have something unusual send it my way.

For now I’m calling the baby Malik. I like it, reminds me of Malik Yarbo he was a cutie.


Patricia W. said...

Let's see...

I have a Bernard (hubby), Bernard Benjamin, Trevor Martin, and Phillip Brian. (You can tell I like traditional names.)

I've always liked Stephen (not the "v" spelling) as well as Zachary, Xavier, Alexander, and Lionel. I also like Jarrod, Garrett, Bradford, and Roman.

emilyb said...

I've always liked Neely from "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn".

Other recommendations:

Zeke (also a fave of mine), Chance, Alexander

(the chick who loves farting dogs)

Kim Stagliano said...

I love the name Clyde! What a generous hubby too. Mark had free reign of our third child's name. He'd named Mia, I named Gianna and with number three, hoping for a boy, he had ROCCO ready to go. ROCCO STAGLIANO? You gonna let YOUR daughter date a kid named ROCCO STAGLIANO? When our third was girl #3 I just said "any name you want, honey!" We call her Bella and she really is beautiful.
Nice to choose names that feel good to you. Blessings to your 3.


Anonymous said...

Baby Names.
These may help you, but I had a list of about 100 names for a girl, but my daughter didn't look like any of them. She looked like a Simone so that's what I named her.
Boy Names:
Kia (pronounced Kye)

Good luck but don't name him until you see him.

Angel said...

How about Nique (Nick) short for Unique since you like unique names?

Luv ya and congrats!!!