Tuesday, September 26, 2006

It’s a BOY

I had the ultrasound and it’s a boy. Watching him move on the monitor was amazing. A little person is growing inside of me. Seeing his heart beat brought tears to my eyes. During pregnancy you always hear the child’s heart beat, but to actually see the heart beating is breath taking.

My little tummy is no longer little. Everyone at church keeps teasing me that I’m having twins, I tell them if so, one is going home with someone. LOL.

My kids are getting a kick out of seeing my stomach grow, each day the run up to me to touch and see how big it is.

Last week I attended a conference for my job. To my surprise they held a surprise baby shower for me. Again the tears were held in check. Have to stay professional.

I had no idea they were doing this, especially since there was another pregnant co-worker who is due next month. I knew about her shower, I just didn’t realize it was a joint one. There were two beautiful cakes and baby presents.

My son is six and so we gave away every baby thing we own two years ago. We honestly thought we were done. God had other plans, so now we’re like new parents, scrambling for baby things.

I registered at target.com and walmart.com if you would like to donate to the Hoffman’s new blessing. It will be greatly appreciated.

Under - LaShaunda Hoffman /Clyde Hoffman - St. Louis, MO


Ty said...

Congratulations LaShaunda!

Cathy Messecar said...

LaShaunda, May I add my congratulations. How exciting for your family. May God bless you and this new son-to-arrive as you "grow" together...Cathy

LaShaunda said...

Thanks Ty and Cathy!

Patricia W. said...


What a blessing! Aren't the new ultrasounds great? I was amazed when I had my now 18 month old, almost 4 years after the middle son, and 10 years after the first. The older boys got the basic black and white, hard to see what's going on, photos. The baby got up and close in living color pics. I got to watch the blood flow from one side of his heart to the other and to see the heartbeat. Astounding!

Sounds like you're closer than I realized. What month are you due?

I'm gonig to hit you offline re: adding to the Hoffman coffers.

Patricia W

LaShaunda said...


The ultrasounds are amazing. I didn't do the color one, I probably would have passed out. LOL

The lady before me found out she was having twins. She was 45 with a 20 yr, 15yr and 9yr. I don't think she was too happy.